Sound Investment

Commission a work ... Connect with the composer.

The ASO’s Sound Investment program gives members a unique opportunity not only to help commission a new work but to see how new compositions come together. Membership in Sound Investment provides a window into the complex workings of creative minds, from inspiration to finished product; an opportunity to form relationships with some of the most interesting composers working today; and a chance to experience the place where art intersects modern life in the creation of a new musical work. 

Sound Investment is the most interesting and meaningful music experience we’ve had in Birmingham. We encourage anyone interested in music and how it comes into being to be a part of Sound Investment.
–Ellen and Fred Elsas

We invite you to learn more about Sound Investment and hope you will join us for the 2017-2018 season

Carlos Izcaray’s new work, titled Yellowhammer is commissioned by the members of Sound Investment and will be a highlight of the ASO’s Masterworks performance on February 23 & 24, 2018.

Carlos is very excited to be the Sound Investment composer this year. “On a personal note, many of you may have noticed my occasional absence last season. Facing a serious illness was definitely difficult for me and my family, but I’m now pleased to announce that with the support of my incredible doctors and, friends, I am ready to begin this season with a renewed health, vigor, and passion. I am thrilled to share a new piece that I have composed for a new chapter in life.”

In addition to the ASO commission, Carlos will offer exclusive salons, the world premiere of his commissioned work, and share his vision with school children through in-school workshops with Birmingham students. Join the ASO and Carlos Izcaray for this unique opportunity to make musical history!

Sound Investment Membership

$500 per person/$1,000 per couple

With your Sound Investment membership, you will experience events such as:

• Co-commission new work, which will premiere at the ASO Masterworks concert ;

• Intimately get to know the Sound Investment composer at three exclusive events. Go "behind-the-scenes" to learn the creative process;

• Receive two Masterworks concert tickets to the world premiere;

• Receive a copy of the score, signed by the composer, with your name listed as a commissioner.

Join Sound Investment today! To take advantage of this unique experience, please contact Nicole Williams at or 205-314-6958.

Why Support New Music?

Sound Investment Previous ComposersMusic being written now is shaped by the world we live in. Modern-day composers use the same technology, experience the same world events, and are exposed to the same social issues, political arguments, and cultural ideas as we are. All of these things are bound up in the creation of new music. While a live performance of a Bach cantata or Beethoven symphony allows us to experience timeless artistic achievement, contemporary works are linked to us and our world in a way older masterpieces cannot be.

The ASO has won multiple awards for its frequent performances of contemporary music, and since 2009 members of Sound Investment have helped create new works for premiere by the ASO. With these commissions, we focus not only on the work created but on developing a relationship between the composer and our community. Through multiple visits to Birmingham, composers engage with both children and adults, teaching, inspiring, and making their music accessible.  

To have the opportunity to help the ASO commission a new piece of music - and to have our name on the score! - seemed incredible to us. The patrons who commissioned the great classics were usually royalty or fabulously wealthy. But here, at a very reasonable cost, we are able to contribute to the creation of new works, meet the composers, and be present the first time the works are performed. – Jim and Joyce Cauthen